January 29, 2021 at 2:29pm | Owen Hendricks
Want to see some AWESOME foothill views and views of downtown Boise that you can't get anywhere else? Climb to the top of Camel's Back!

Camel's Back Park is in Boise's North End neighborhood...more specifically the Hyde Park neighborhood. You'll get there by turning North on 13th St. and heading for the hills. Camel's Back also has a large grassy area that's perfect for picnics, playing fetch with your dog, and there are tons of trees to hang a hammock on and read a book or listen to music. There is a playground, tennis courts, and sand volleyball courts too! If you get hungry or thirsty, it's a short couple blocks to the epicenter of Hyde Park where you'll find restaurants, cafes with plenty of patio seating, some great local shops, and a GREAT ice cream and candy shop. It's one of my top 5 favorite neighborhoods in the Boise area.

In the summer, it's not uncommon for local musicians to come to the park and play music and draw small crowds. The Hyde Park Street Fair also takes place here (when there's not a pandemic) which is a huge neighborhood festival with lots of local artists, food trucks, and other local vendors. There's a big stage with live music, and the area is roped off so they can serve alcohol. It takes place at the end of summer, and it's a neighborhood favorite. The sunset views from Camel's Back are spectacular...as you'll see in the video below. Enjoy!



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